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McCain camp: Questions on Palin’s party a ‘smear’ (AP)


Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov., Sarah Palin, shakes hands with supporters at the conclusion of a campaign unity rally in O'Fallon, Mo., Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)AP – John McCain’s campaign said Tuesday that rival Barack Obama’s campaign was spreading “smears” about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s past political affiliations. Yet, some of Palin’s previous political activities are a matter of dispute.



Well, what do we have here?  More stirring the pot by the media.  Why is any of this news?  Are there no issues to be talked about?  Looks like a personal attack to me.  This is much more of a personal attack than asking Clinton about her support of driver’s licenses for illegals.  Look at the last line of this headline.  Classic liberal media.  “Yet, some of Palin’s previous political activities are a matter of dispute.”  They just went into their opinion on the matter.  Is this an analysis piece or objective reporting?  The left had to balance out McCain’s response by taking the last word for themselves.  Do they give McCain such privilege?  Not anymore at least.

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