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The McCain campaign is on the defensive after the latest disclosures from Sarah Palin.

This is the top story on Yahoo! for 9/2 by AP reporter Liz Sidoti.  Nice.  I just love the reason for the heat.  Not to say that this isn’t news or that it won’t be nice to get this out of the way, but once again, the top story? How long was it before we saw any negative information about Obama?  To this day the press hasn’t questioned his motives or background.   And, yes, there is a lot of questionable material in his background. Predictably, the headline is very source neutral. Where are the themes of Democrats attacking or smelling blood in the water? Where is the charge of sexism? You had better believe that all of this would be contained in the headline and story if this were Hillary. Has the press ever portrayed Hillary or Obama as on the defensive? I haven’t checked. The press hardly ever prints stories or headlines with the idea that the Democrats are on the defensive unless possibly pointing out first that the mean Republicans are attacking the saintly or underdog Democrats. In fact, when Obama’s drug use was brought up, the press downplayed it. With the incendiary headline, you’d be surprised if the two main points are, first that Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant,and second that her husband had a DUI when he was 22. Wow, talk about dirt.  This is better than the Democrats had dreamed.  This is much better than, say, drug use and possibly peddling, shady friends and associations and personal and spousal bitterness to the core. 
The press continues to sink to new lows.  I love here how they even bring Palin’s daughter into this one without defending her themselves.  I mean, haven’t the press and the Democrats been pushing sex education on third graders and abortion on demand on, well, everyone?  Haven’t they been pushing the sex culture that has taken over our society in the last 30 years?  They should be rejoicing here.  Oh, they should also be saying, “None of your business.”  I mean, after all, they have also been advocating any legislation that prohibits parental notification or permission regarding these same subjects.   Yea, they’re neutral. 





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