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CNN 9/3

So we’ve seen Yahoo! this morning.  What about CNN?

  • Palin prepares for speech at GOP convention
  • Bush relationship a balancing act for McCain T-shirt
  • Ticker: Fred Thompson skewers Obama
  • GOP speakers step up to defend Palin 53 min
  • Commentary: America, meet Sarah Palin 32 min
  • Dems blast Lieberman, say he lied to delegates
  • Bernstein: GOP stakes patriotism claim
  • Thousands rally at Ron Paul convention T-shirt
  • iReport.com: Reaction to convention speeches
  • Pakistan PM’s motorcade fired on 18 min
  • U.S. forces kill at least 6 Iraqi security troops
  • CNNMoney: Companies hack away at jobs
  • Caylee’s grandma believes she is alive Video
  • KING: 6 killed, 2 injured in shooting rampage
  • Bush to visit Gustav zone 14 min
  • Hanna to move across Bahamas 35 min
  • Haitians scream for help after storms 35 min
  • Sex education textbook causes uproar Video
  • Digital book creates portable library Video T-shirt
  • CNN Wire: Relief headed to flooded area…
  •  Over all, I’d say these headlines are basically just that.  There is, in all this, the one, “Leslie Sanchez: Obama’s high-tech advantage” that is pro-Obama while there are none that even hint that either he or Biden are anything but upstanding.  I also think it is funny that there are no stories about Obama’s money advantage.  During the last two elections, the left has complained non-stop about the Republican’s vast coffers.  There is on on Palin’s “hot photos,” one on betting on Palin’s withdrawal.  And, I might add, none by any women pissed that Palin is being picked on.  Hmm, would this be different if it were Hillary?  I think it was, actually.  The press ran regularly brought up Hillary being picked on the the “boys.”  Very interesting.  Just as interesting is that there is nothing about the dems attacking Palin which has the affect of criticizing her without attributing it to the left.  Very nice liberal media.

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