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US Republican vice-presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (AP)

Can Palin quiet media storm?

Tonight, Gov. Sarah Palin will get her chance to fire back. » More on speech

Those were the top headlines for Yahoo! this morning.  Right below those, however, were some more great ones.

• Romney ready for second White House run if McCain loses
• Can McCain pull off a September surprise?

RNC news

• North Korea reportedly reassembling nuclear reactor facility
• Russia accuses U.S. of fanning Georgia instability

$1B in aid

• Search continues for Steve Fossett’s remains

Famed aviator

• 265 break Guinness World Record by racing in stiletto heels
• Comedians treading lightly with Palin daughter’s pregnancy

So, where as there is no sign of any Obama scandal or even questionable activity, we have plenty of articles just talking about Palin’s daughter, one congratulating comedians on “treading lightly on the subject,” one on the odds of McCain dropping Palin and one on Romney being ready for a White House bid if McCain fails!  Has there even been on story written Obama failing?  Hmm, fair?  We still don’t even have anything on Biden!  This guy has been saying crazy things for the better part of last century.  His son was a lobbyist and nothing?  Not a word from the press questioning any of it.  The press and libs are out to destroy Palin.  There is no doubt about that.  This is a blitzkrieg of sorts.  She really frightens them, so she have something really going for her.


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