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Republican U.S vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. (AFP)

‘Perfect populist pitch’

GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s speech draws high praise from the media. » Story


 Palin: U.S. sent troops to Iraq on a ‘task that is from God’
• Where are minorities on RNC’s prime-time stage?Here we go with the racial insinuations.  The media likes to stir the pot then walk away and watch the fallout.

RNC news

• U.S. readies for Hanna; Category 4 Hurricane Ike close behind
• Cheney slams Russia’s war on Georgia as ‘illegitimate’
• LAPD offering $500,000 reward for information on serial killer
• Recalled tire valves can cause serious, even fatal accidents
• Freak hailstorm coats part of Kenya in ice

Here are some excerpts from the top story about Palin.

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer Thu Sep 4, 12:57 AM ET

NEW YORK – With a forceful speech that served as her introduction to millions of Americans on Wednesday, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin seduced many on television who had spent days doubting her candidacy. -If this was referring to Obama, there would be some reference to God calling his children home.

Apparently it was CBS’s Jeff Grennfield who said the populist line, “It was a ‘perfect populist pitch,’“-Now, what exactly does he mean by this?  Aren’t the Democrats cries for “democracy now” and “every vote counts” just as populist?  How about raising taxes on the rich?  So, what does Grennfield mean by this?  Is he just trying to show where the Democrats and Republicans are similar? 

It was a spur to a convention audience ready to get worked up, to a large extent because Republican leaders had pushed the notion that the news media was being sexist or too aggressive in questioning her qualifications for the job.-The media loves to portray the Repulicans as reactionary and blood thirsty.

These next two paragraphs are such good examples of how the media attacked the RNC in ’96.  They were crying that the RNC was a made for TV event.  It was their mantra.  Ask yourself, would the media say the same thing about Obama?  No, they wouldn’t and haven’t.

For a relative rookie on the national stage, however, she understood the nuances of speaking to a television audience better than the more experienced and fiery Rudolph Giuliani.

Cameras lingered on shots of her family in the audience — her dozing infant passed from her husband to a daughter, her pregnant teen-aged daughter gripping the hand of her boyfriend, her soldier son about to be dispatched to Iraq.

“So far this week the focus has been on John McCain’s running mate, perhaps because everyone loves a good mystery,” Katie Couricsaid in opening CBS’ prime-time coverage.-Where does this fit into the piece?  Can we say the same thing about Obama?

And here we go again with the race card played by, who else the media-An estimated 4.6 million black Americans watched the Democrats on Aug. 26, and 2.1 million watched the Republicans on Tuesday, Nielsen said


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