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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain waves as he boards his campaign plane as he heads to the Republican National Convention (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) 

McCain’s tough task

John McCain will try to distance himself from George Bush and match Sarah Palin’s attention. » His speech

Yes!  The media bringing up Bush once again.  They have Bush on the brain.  They hate him so bad they can’t see straight or utter a sentence without risk of his name coming up. 

Really?  Thanks, Yahoo!, for telling me what McCain’s tough task will be since I couldn’t put it together for myself.  Oh, and thanks for giving me the NEWS!  So, for the top headlines in the afternoon, we have a declaration of what McCain’s task is, or that he even has one and that it will be tough.  Great, non-leading headline.  Then, we have a piece that admits to being analysis which happens to be on how Palin changed the race.  Were the mainstream media ever really honest with us about how Obama “changed” the race?  No, they were to concerned with his race to be concerned with the race at hand. 

So, we have what amounts to two analysis pieces as the leading news stories for our wonderful afternoon.  Nice.  Then, of course, we have the list of stories just below as the rest of what we need to know.  Apparently we need to know that Palin blames the dems for spreading lies.  ‘Lies’ is in quotes.  Hmm.  I’m also wondering why we need to know that Obama ‘raked’ in 10 mil after the Palin speech.  Sounds like a lib putting getting in the last word to me.  If I remember correctly, she went after the media more than the dems.  once again, hmm. 

 Palin blames Democrats for spreading ‘lies’
• Obama rakes in $10 million after Palin speech
• Bush defense advisers recommend to delay troop cuts in Iraq
• Residents of southeastern U.S. urged to move inland for Hanna
• Judge sentences lobbyist Jack Abramoff to four years in prison
• Soldier suicide rate may set record again, U.S. Army says
• Rare amateur footage of Marilyn Monroe surfaces in Australia


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