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As you can see, no politics.  No photo of Obama, Palin or McCain for that matter.  Can we survive?  When is the last time you logged onto Yahoo! and didn’t see any politics?  Should we be surprised?  I think this is a record number of days in the last year that Obama hasn’t graced us with a glorious picture on the front page of Yahoo!  Still, what is most interesting is that there is relatively no politics.  Is there nothing going on in Congress?  Who is Pelosi trying to push around?  Isn’t anything goin on at the local level somewhere?  How about the California budget impasse?  That is news that really means something to us down here levels below his excellency, lord Obama, on the food chain.   What is interesting also is that two of the political headlines implicate Bush in some way or another.  The headline about Afghanistan tells us that Afghans are getting sick of the military and the US government.  Really?  This is news?  Let me see, I would be sick of a military state about, say, one minute after it begins.  Once again, this is not news.  The problem that faces the Afghans in this regard, though, is that maybe they would like to go back to there former, how you say in English, “Totalitarian government”?  Yes, I’m sure they are sick of the government over there.  We all would be.  Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Yahoo! 
Fingerprint patterns (Corbis)

Fingerprint breakthrough

New fingerprint technology helps reopen cold cases and promises to do much more. » ‘Results are surprising’

 U.S. to seize mortgage giants, could cost taxpayers billions
• Tropical Storm Hanna picks up speed as it heads for Carolinas
• Obama, seeing hope in Ohio, shifts schedule there

Latest polls

• Ordinary Afghans fed up with government and U.S. military
• Bush wasn’t detached from Iraq war review, White House says
• Rock group Heart says “Barracuda” use by GOP is fishy
• Stand Up to Cancer’s telethon makes history on network TV

Wait, 4 of the last 7 headlines are political.  What was I thinking?  And, Obama is there, though in script only.  Yahoo! even lets us know there is something possibly questionable about the rock group Heart and the GOP using their song.   During further reading, I found out that the Wilson sisters are angry that the song was used by the Republicans, go figure, and that Jackson Browne actually sued John McCain and the Republican National Committee over their use of his song “Running on Empty.”  Tell me again just why so many entertainers are Democrats as the co-writer of the song “Barracuda” explicitly stated he was though he liked the fact that it was played at the convention.  So, politics it is.  They are sneaky those mainstream media.


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