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John McCain and Sarah Palin at a rally (AP)

Crowds turn out for Palin

A woman who was virtually unknown a week ago becomes the main attraction for many conservatives. » Media tooDo I even have to ask if this was ever highlighted about Obama.  I mean, I’m still not really sure where he came from. 

Yahoo! has an article by Politico writer Carrie Budoff Brown on Yahoo! that is great.  Here is an excerpt of Obama speaking:

“I know the governor of Alaska has been, you know, saying she is change,” Obama said at a town hall meeting here. “And that is great. She is a skillful politician. But when you [have] been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person.

“That is not change, come on,” Obama continued. “I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up. You can’t just make stuff up. We have a choice to make and the choice is clear.”

Hmm, what do I think?

I’ve sort of been expecting a Democrat to say something like this.  I’m amazed that it took this long.  The problem with a Democrat saying this is that no one is just sure what any word out of a Democrat’s mouth means. Clinton just made stuff up on the fly and if words mean things, Obama, you are going to have new troubles with Rev. Wright’s words and for that matter, the Constitution.  It is a bit late for him to start becoming a linguistic constructionist.  We’d all be better if it were so

This is really good.  He might be on the record as saying that words mean things in the past without me knowing it.  The present for now is all that matters concerning these words.  A Democrat finally balks at the ambiguity of the English language instead of hiding behind it.  His charges are all countered by his own voting record as well as his invoking of the fact that people do change their minds about issues honestly.  He isn’t affording Palin this same privilage concerning earmarks which he chides her for seeking while a mayor but then as governor turned against.


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