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Hurricane Ike (NOAA/AP)
   U.S. gov’t takes control of embattled Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
• Obama says regrets abortion answer at Saddleback forum
• Analysis: McCain’s history of hot temper raises concerns
• Suicide blast death toll reaches 35 in northwest Pakistan
• Canada’s PM dissolves Parliament, calls early elections
• Shanghai factory builds iconic London Taxis for other markets
• Tommy Lee Jones seeks $10 million in ‘No Country’ lawsuit

So, of the two headlines with significance for the election, one disses or calls into question McCain and the other is posed to provoke sympathy toward Barack.  With McCain the journalists are telling people what to think about him, while with Obama they are painting him as a big hearted victim.  Instead of analysing what Barack said or objectively showing how his statements antagonize human life and so conservatives, the writers at AP and Yahoo! play Barack as victim of his own words or of those rascally conservatives just waiting for him to say something that will get him into trouble.  How about the fact that Obama said we have 57 states here in the good ol’ US of A or that he called the Nittny Lions the “Nettley Lions.”  Yep, Yahoo!, you’ve done it again.  Congrats.

Powerful Ike threatens Gulf

As Ike roars through the Caribbean as a Category 4 storm, evacuations begin in the U.S. » Storm’s path uncertain

Do you ever wonder why we have so much hurricane coverage?  I never remember this from before a few years ago.  It is almost like we didn’t have hurricanes in the 80’s.


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