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YAHOO! MID-DAY: Androstenedione and Pearls

and here.  Oh, ya!Mark McGwire. (AP/Y! Sports) I just figured out how to put text here…

Big Mac’s big tragedy

Ten years ago, Mark McGwire hit his amazing 62nd home run. Turns out, it was an amazing scandal. » Column

 Troop shift to Afghanistan falls short of commander requests• Hurricane Ike takes aim at Mexico and Texas

• Church of Scientology stands trial in France on fraud charges• Obama tries to steal Nebraska electoral vote from McCain
• Enron investors to share $7.2 billion recovered in lawsuit• Deportation separates American girl from Mexican mother
• Lebanese kitchen worker finds 26 pearls in single oyster


The last headline keeps kitchen workers around the world glued to their jobs.  Or not.  Obama trying to “steal” votes from McCain?  Does this mean that the media thinks that Nebraska is in the tank for McCain like the media is for Obama?  I do like that such articles are written, however.  The other big question these headlines have me asking is just why is deportation separating a family Yahoo! news worthy when all the havoc illegals have recked upon this country they have chosen to enter not somehow front page worthy?  Telling.  A less pointed question is perhaps why Palin is no where to be seen at the moment.  I’m sure she had plenty of Kodak moments during her stop in Ohio.  And, just why hasn’t Yahoo! publicized both campaigns’ recent stops in Ohio?  I do believe that they were there on the same day.  Research, yes, I need to do some.  Is there anything there?  I haven’t a clue, but, seems like a good story.  I’ve heard NPR repeat over and over and over and over that McCain and Palin are campaigning together which is unusual for a ticket to do at this point.  But, not much about how the crowds are reacting or what issues are being brought up at these rallies.  If they were in Ohio on the same day, that would make an interesting comparison.  Instead, Obama is left alone to say that Bush’s policies on Afghanistan are incorrect…for some reason.  Anyway, Big Mac took steroids or didn’t.  I did do a search for the name of that long-named substance that he did admit to taking.  It is “Androstenedione.”  What a summer that was in baseball.  Do we have any no-nonsense figures like Big Mac or Ken Griffey anymore?  I don’t follow baseball these days.  Maybe that tells it all.  


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