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Ad on sex education distorts Obama policy

McCain message to run in battleground states and on national cable TV



updated 6:52 p.m. PT, Wed., Sept. 10, 2008

DAYTON, Ohio – Escalating its efforts to portray Senator Barack Obama as a candidate whose values fall outside the mainstream, the campaign of Senator John McCain on Tuesday unveiled a new television advertisement claiming that Mr. Obama, the Democratic nominee, favors “comprehensive sex education” for kindergarten students.

“Learning about sex before learning to read?” the narrator asks in the 30-second advertisement, which the campaign says will be shown in battleground states and on national cable. The commercial also asserts that a sex-education bill introduced in Illinois, which Mr. Obama did not sponsor and which never became law, is his “one accomplishment” in the field of education.

Both sets of accusations, however, seriously distort the record…use the link above for full article.

Interesting article.  That it is on the front page of MSNBC is, perhaps, telling.  Did they do the same for G.W.?  Have they done the same for McCain?  How about corroborating the Swift Boat ads against Kerry in ’04.  They were not inaccurate, yet they are impugned all the time.  If what the article says is true, then the ads are distortions.  This type of article is true investigative journalism, yet, as is typical, the left reserves such defences for itself.  What it doesn’t say, is just how voting for such a bill makes education Obama’s “thing.”  Nor, does it say just how these practices are to be implimented without exposing (sorry for the term) children to more explicit topics.  And, just how early would the “real” sex ed begin in Illinois?  This makes me wonder what else the author left out. 

Just another example of the left defending their man.   


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