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Two sisters look at photos they had just taken at the Flight 93 Temporary Memorial outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, September 10, 2008. (Reuters)

Sept. 11 remembered

The U.S. marks the day with solemn rituals and the opening of a memorial at the Pentagon. » Read

 Obama calls on Americans to renew 9/11 spirit of service
• Pakistan prime minister rebukes U.S. for secret cross-border raid
• Texas evacuates parts of Gulf Coast ahead of Ike
• North Korean leader may have partial paralysis from stroke
• Oil brokers’ drug, sex scandal may affect offshore drilling debate
• Poor dental hygiene boosts risk of heart attacks and strokes
• Designers update the ruby red slippers worn in ‘Wizard of Oz’

Obama takes the moment to pitch is liberal agenda like a good liberal.  When Bush said such things he was helping us cope with the tragedy that has become known by the date itself, 9/11.  Today, we mourn and remember as well as refuse to forget what humanity is capable of inflicting upon other human beings.  I’d also say that we refuse to forget the ideology behind such atrocities.  Obama would disagree, of course, probably just equating the killings in the war with those on 9/11.  I think he does those who lost their lives a disservice. 

CNN 9/11

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