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'Upside Down House' in Trassenheide on Usedom Island, northern Germany (AP Photo/Frank Hormann)

House really upside down

See photos of a house where everything — even the toilet — is built upside down. » Roof touches ground

• Evacuations begin in Texas ahead of Hurricane Ike
• Russia sends two bombers to Venezuela for military exercises
• Palin family was warned not to disparage trooper under inquiry
• Deaths among U.S. oil and gas field workers increase sharply
• Strong earthquake hits northern Japan, no damage reported
• Auto safety group wants legal driving age raised to 17 or 18
• Firefighter revives cat with mouth-to-mouth

Only a comment on the Palins being warned about disparaging that trooper.  I can’t believe there is nothing about Obama’s attacks on Palin or his untimely jokes.  Of course, there was a smattering during the day, but once again they are downplaying Obama’s gaffs.  I can’t believe there is nothing on Biden asking a handicapped person to stand up.  Once again, the left grilled Dan Quayle for far less.  What is more disturbing is the lack of coverage defending Palin against the attacks regarding her children and gender.  Hillary got mucho sympathy and coverage when “the boys” were playing rough with her during the primaries.   


CNN 9/10

I almost don’t believe what follows.  CNN publishes headlines about McCain’s record on earmarks, a judge warning Palin back in ’05, the “beauty who beat Palin backs Obama,”  and that a headline anonymous comedian doesn’t think a uterus is enough for a vote-not comment. 
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