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Miami skyline (Richard Cummins/Lonely Planet Images/Y! Travel)

City of beautiful people

Residents of this metropolis are the most attractive in the U.S., a new poll shows. » Who’s first, who’s worst

• Houston plans to stare down Hurricane Ike

Global storm tracker

• Palin’s statements on climate change at odds

Experience?      In this video, Charles Gibson of ABC asks Palin if she is experienced enough to be VP, and then accuses her of exhibiting hubris when she answers in the affirmative.  I just can’t imagine this treatment of Obama by the mainstream media. 

• Suspected U.S. missile strike kills 14 in Pakistan
• Foreclosure filings rose in August, but at slower pace
• Lehman racing to find buyer before it loses more market value
• Near-death experiences: What really happens to the brain?
• Kanye West’s altercation with photographer caught on camera

“Palin’s climate remarks conflict with past views” is the title of an AP article for which I did not see an author cited.

The most overtly political headline today on Yahoo! questions Palins views on climate change.  Specifically, the way Yahoo! wrote the headline, it says that her views are at odds.  At odds with what, we’re not sure.  I suppose that is the hook.

As you read the AP article, you learn that her statements are at odds with each other as we might have expected from the headline.  This is an excellent example of the power journalists have if they want to use it.  The article takes Palin’s statements past and present and compares them.  Contradictions are only so apparent, so it takes the reader to decide if her statements do contradict.  AP makes its case for them contradicting.   

Once again, there is so much material from almost all Democrats for the media to do this with, yet they refuse.  Need I say, “Clinton”?  In fact, the mainstream media to this day refuses to hold its leadership responsible for entering the war.  Anyway, this is a good example of journalistic power.  Or, shall I say, “A good example of how journalists can keep our leaders accountable.”




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    September 12, 2008

    Nice site. Theres some good information on here. Ill be checking back regularly.

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