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Recording artist Kanye West watches the Los Angeles Lakers play the Boston Celtics during Game 3 of the NBA Finals basketball championship in Los Angeles in this June 10, 2008 file photo. West was arrested at the Los Angeles International airport on September 11, 2008 after a scuffle with photographers and is expected to be charged with vandalism, an airport spokesman said. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/Files (UNITED STATES)

Kanye & Palin in spotlight

Sarah Palin faces the glare of TV lights in interview and Kanye West reacts to paparazzi. » The week in buzz

• Bush declares Texas a disaster area in the wake of Ike
• Los Angeles train collision death toll rises to 18, with 135 hurt
• Russian troops pack up, leave western Georgia on deadline
• Palin leaves Alaska, embarks on solo campaigning

Latest polls

• Emergency meeting on Lehman Brothers rescue resumes
• 432 babies sick from contaminated Chinese milk product
• CW says Shannen Doherty’s ‘90210’ run might continue

Sarah Palin! Do we have your attention? Good, because this was another big week in the Buzz. The Republican VP candidate gave a juicy interview with Charlie Gibson. Meanwhile, Kanye West raised a ruckus at LAX, and Tiger Woods continued his string of product endorsements. Straight up, no chaser, it’s the Buzz Week in Review.”

what is this business about a “juicy” interview?  Would the media ever juxtapose Obama to Kanye in the way they did so with Palin?  I think not.  They would never be this irreverent in respect to the messiah.  The author even took a shot at her pronunciation.  “One question left unanswered: Will the potential VP learn how to pronounce “nuclear” before election day? Stay tuned.”  Once, again, do we even have to go there with Obama?  In this article Palin is compared to both Kanye and Tiger in an attempt to classify her as a celebrity in the same way that the right has accused Obama of portraying himself.  The difference is that Sarah Palin isn’t going about acting like one.  Nor, is the media fawning over her every word like they do Obama’s.  Gibson, in fact, grilled Palin in a way in which I have never seen the media go after someone in an interview.  He posed questions to her more than once trying to pin her down to a closed ended answer.  Obama’s entire campaign is an opened ended question that never gets called out by the mainstream media.  If journalists ever try to pin him down on issues, he would have to lie about it to get elected since he leans so far left.  Just as he did recently by saying that he was not after our guns.  He was pretty explicit, yet it means nothing, because we’re not just sure what any word out of his mouth means.  In the end, all Palin and Kanye have in common is that there is a “buzz” around them.   While Palin actually has substance, Kanye is still stuck with substance abuse or just abuse in general.

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