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  • Bush declares Texas a disaster area in the wake of Ike
  • Engineer error likely cause of L.A. train crash, Metrolink says
  • Russian troops pack up, leave western Georgia on deadline
  • Palin leaves Alaska, embarks on solo campaigningLatest polls
  • Emergency meeting on Lehman Brothers rescue resumes
  • 432 babies sick from contaminated Chinese milk product
  • CW says Shannen Doherty’s ‘90210’ run might continue
  • Dump trucks save Texans on rooftops
  • 18 die as trains collide near L.A.
  • Freighter crew safe after riding out Ike
  • New Delhi blasts kill 15, officials say
  • Glass covers downtown houston
  • Ike sends gas prices higher
  • Bush says officials monitoring gas prices
  • Louisiana flooding rivals Hurricane Rita
  • Coping with Hurricane Ike’s aftermath
  • Why some people stay behind
  • Hurricane destroyed Galveston in 1900
  • ‘I lied,’ missing tot’s mom tells cops on tape
  • 24 corpses found shot in Mexico
  • Taliban claims it killed Afghan governor
  • ‘View’ hosts grill McCain on Palin, ads
  • Ticker: Obama regrets VP choice, Palin says
  • Palin ‘scares the hell out of’ Ed Koch
  • Shiny stilettos marketed for babies
  • Dozens questioned over tainted baby milk
  • Palin’s Bubble: Will it bulge or bust?
  • White Voters Help McCain to Slim Lead
  • Palin Defends Earmark Requests for Alaska
  • Lawmakers Vote to Sopeana Todd Palin
  • Obama Scales Back Events in Ike’s Wake



    Yahoo!: In other news, ABC is advertising their interview with Sarah Palin with the headline, “Did Palin support the ‘bridge to nowhere’?”  How about a neutral headline, I don’t know, “ABC Exclusive, Gibson Interviews Palin” or something similar.  Of course, this makes me ask if any of the mainstream media ever tried to interview Clinton and advertised, “Did Bill ever inhale?”  or Obama, “Did Obama ever hear negative statements from Rev. Wright?”  I doubt it.
    CNN: I’d say CNN is mainly about Ike today.  Even here, though, we have a headline about the View grilling McCain which just serves to get out what members of the Viewwant to say.  CNN could have ignored this.  Did they report anything that a conservative talk show host wanted to get out?  We also have CNN reporting the Palin “Scares the hell out of Ed Koch.”  Thanks for that one.  Clinton, Obama and Biden scare me to the same degree, but I have just cause.  And finally, we have dozens being questioned over tainted baby milk, and still not an analysis on whether or not all this trade with China is good for us ie CNN isn’t trying to infer much by placing blame which they would have if they were trying to make a point.  No outcry on tainted baby milk, but there is about Sarah Palin who lives a life that should be an encouragement to us all.
    MSNBC: Can MSNBC be anymore obviously liberal?  Are they serious?  White voters giving McCain a boost!  Why do they shamelessly play the race card non-stop?  Are white people supposed to feel guilty?  Seriously, I still don’t believe it.  There are white people in the US?  And they vote?  Who knew.  Equally as scandalous is the comment about the Palin bubble.  Did they ever speculate on the Obama bubble?  Not much if at all.  MSNBC is coming out and declaring there to be a Palin bubble, and she has only been in the spotlight for two weeks.  Thanks, you guys.  Once again, they are trying to undermine her.  They hate her so bad, and they are not overtly telling us just why.  She undermines the validity of their lifestyle.  She rose to this position without them.  Clinton and Obama cannot say the same thing.   Then, we have Obama cancelling his plans because of Ike.  What?  If this isn’t political pandering, I don’t know what is.  He had a gig on SNL!  Wow.  So, instead of questioning that, MSNBC makes him out to be the saint, because he cancelled his plans appear on SNL?  After all, he is the messiah.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  They just as easily could have posted the headline, “Obama Cancels Privilaged Gig to Garner Sympathy.”

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