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The first one is worth sitting through even though it is Matt Damon pontificating.  I love how concerned he looks.  I’ve been told that Sarah Palin believes that dinosaurs were around 4000 years ago because of this interview with the actor, Matt Damon.  How good of an example is this of liberal bias in the media?  He is not only granted an interview, but just given the reigns.  It is also a good example of what liberals think of the American public.  I’m not saying that Palin is qualified, but that Damon thinks Obama is is frightening.  Since when does a liberal defer to experience?  They are all about fighting the power.  Well, son, sorry to inform you, but often the people in power are the ones with experience.     





This is a funny video to watch throughout.  I’m not sure if the left has a point.  Probably not.  Interesting regardless.


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