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Presenters Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hayden Panettiere (Mathew Imaging/WireImage)  
See who’s winning Emmys
The early top awards have been handed out, with a few surprises. » Latest results
All the red carpet, show photos
Air rifle causes security scare

• Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley change status
• Pakistan vows to fight back extremists after hotel blast
• ANC to appoint South Africa’s acting president
• Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama
• Six children in custody after raid on Arkansas church compound
• Stardust evidence points to violent planet collision, study finds
• Travis Barker, DJ AM expected to recover after plane crash

I really can’t believe that Yahoo! is reporting news on the poll about Obama and white dems.
I also love that Yahoo! reports the change in “status” in the investment banks as if the average reader knows what this means off-hand.   


Latest NewsCNNMoney: Fed boosts Goldman and Morgan
CNNMoney: Democrats push back on bailout
Will candidates’ financial plans work?
Ticker: Dems seize on McCain’s 13 cars
McCain, Obama in tight race as debates loom
iReport.com: Long lines for gas persist
Helicopter crashes into house, killing 2 aboard
6 children in state custody after compound raid
Tainted milk sickens nearly 13,000 children
Iraqi assassination squads come home
DJ AM, Barker expected to recover from crash
Texans look to heavens as they heal from Ike
SI: Farewell to Yankee Stadium
Golf.com: U.S. wins first Ryder Cup since 1999
10-foot boa constrictor found in road
‘Lakeview Terrace’ tops at box office
Jude Law most proud of this film
Blaine’s next stunt could leave him blind
Miami Arena blown to pieces
Speeding drag boat disintegrates
CNN Wire: Nightclub officials detained…

<OK, my only comment here is that CNN could have ignored the comment about McCain’s cars.  Instead, they willingly give the dems the floor to get their venom injected into the American conscience.  Shameful.

  • Last Major Investment Banks Change Status
  • Paulson Calls for Quick Action on Bailout
  • Opinion: Keep Wallstreet Out of Retirement Biz
  • 5 Days to Debate: Obama Climbs in Polls
  • Palin’s First Fla. Campaign Stop a Safe One


Well, here is the “status” headline again.
They, MSNBC, report that Obama is climbing in the polls.  Did they ever report that he was falling without coming to his defence?
No, they didn’t.  They make a headline of the opinion that Palin was playing it safe.  Like this is as a matter of fact bad.  Does Obama play it safe?  Hmm.  When hasn’t he? 




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