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A white woman and black woman stand in front of an American flag (Getty Images)

The new racial divide

A new poll says whites and blacks disagree about the amount of prejudice in the U.S… » And who’s to blame


And more from Yahoo!

 • Fed lets last major investment banks change status
• Pakistani troops reportedly fire on U.S. helicopters
• Obama says Palin gave McCain campaign ‘a boost’
• Masked kidnappers seize foreign tourists in Egypt
• China’s food safety chief quits after milk sickens 53,000
• Reef could provide clues to evolution, scientists say
• Boat pilot swims away with scrapes after 180-mph crash

My only comment about this at the moment is that the headline about Obama saying that Palin gave McCain a campaign boost is a very curious headline.  It is as if Yahoo! has just given over their homepage to the Obama camp to preach their message as long as it is sufficiently couched in headline speak.  The lead article on racism in the campaign is very interesting.  It is a touchy subject that I’m almost afraid to even comment on.  But, that it is one of their four leading stories for the morning is giving Obama even more good press time.

To illustrate my point, if Yahoo! is going to print something like this during the campaign season and they want to be fair, they might just as well put up an article on how American’s still harbor negative feelings towards Viet Nam vets because they think of that conflict as an illegitimate war.  Or almost better, whomever conducted the survey  could have done one on the perception of Americans who have 7 houses or 13 cars.  Now, that really does have an impact on the election when pushed in the face of Americans who are struggling to buy, license, insure and put gas in one or two cars.  I suppose to be fair, a couple will more than likely have two cars here in the States.

Maybe I don’t have a point.


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