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A scientist sitting on a buttress root in the rainforest in the Lockhart River Aboriginal Community, Queensland, Australia (Getty)

Low-stress, high-growth jobs

These careers rate low on the stress scale and have plenty of potential for growth. » $29K-$86K annual salaries


I’ll have to learn links later.  I only have time for a few comments.  First, of course, I have to comment on the Clinton/Obama poll headline.  This is not necessarily a pro-Obama headline.  Yeah, Yahoo!  After reading the article, I didn’t really get the gist of the headline.  Obama still is getting the vast majority of Clinton voters.  I suppose he is struggling to get everyone.  I don’t see why this is news.  However, this headline easily could have read, “Clinton Supporters Turn to McCain in Droves”  with a little characteristic mainstream media exaggeration.  Or, it could have even been less dramatic, “Clinton Voters Prefer McCain to Obama.”  What is also interesting is the choice of the word ‘struggle’ in the headline.  It makes him seem like he is fighting a noble battle, as in the words of Rev. Al Sharpton (I think) “Down for the struggle.”  They could just as easily insinuated that Obama is aggressively manipulating voters.  Hmm.

Unfortunately, I have to leave.  I’ll leave you with this thought.  In the last headline on the page, congress is purportedly warned against delaying the much touted bailout.  We’re not getting any headlines about the dangers of bailout or other options.  Why aren’t we getting headlines that tell us that congress was warned against the meltdown back in the 90’s and later by various parties.  I’d like to see if Nater was involved.  Instead, all we get is the after-the-fact reactions.


• Fed chairman: Approve bailout plan or risk recession
• Stocks mostly fall on bailout second-guessing
• Iraqi insurgents forced underground but remain a threat
• Poll: Obama ahead in four battleground states

• Schwarzenegger signs Calif. budget record 85 days late

• Berlin mourns zookeeper who raised polar bear
• David Blaine still hanging upside down 24 hours into stunt

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin leaves her hotel for a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008 in New York. (AP)

Palin and press in skirmish

Reporters protest restricted access to Gov. Sarah Palin at the United Nations. » What happened

Once again, there is not one pro-McCain/Palin headline.  There are a few that are either pro-Obama or anti-McCain/Palin.  Yahoo! even gets its digs in on Schwarzenegger insinuating that it was his fault that the budget was late.  Let me summarize.  There are tensions between Palin and the media, because she is not granting them as much access as they apparently would like.  Obama is ahead in key states according to polls as if we haven’t heard this before.  It is as if the mainstream media is rooting for their favorite sports team.  Go, Go, Go Obama.  In fact, the writers just keep playing the drum that the economy is in the tank and that Obama is ahead.  There must be some good economic news out there.  We haven’t heard any of Biden’smisstatements or really any analysis of the key pieces of legislation that allowed the mortgage mess.  Why not?  Why is tension between Palin and the media news?  Isn’t tension itself a subjective judgement?  Nor have we heard a peep about mismanagement.  We just hear about the lack of oversight.  I’m sorry, all the oversight in the world won’t make up for poor management.

And then we get this…Palin and rape kit controversy on CNN


Come on mainstream media.  Say something good about her.  Tell us about her dogs or that she has a loving family like you tell us about Obama’s.  Insinuate that her husband is doting like you do Obama’s wife.  Is the word ‘controversy’ ever used in the context of Obama without overtly assigning blame to Republicans? 


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