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 • Stocks fluctuate on Buffett’s Goldman bet

Market update

• Fed chairman: Growth hinges on stabilizing markets
• North Korea expels U.N. monitors to restart nuclear reactor
• Prices of existing homes in the U.S. fall by record amount
• Analysis: Palin courts cameras but dodges questions

• Abortions in the U.S. fall to lowest rate in 30 years
• New test helps people determine if they are shopaholics

Once again we have an analysis piece criticizing Palin on the front page of Yahoo!  The front page is also Obamaless.


• Democratic leaders want to cut size of $700 billion bailout
• Analysis: Bailout woes may help define Bush presidency
• Galveston residents find little left to salvage after Ike
• Connecticut Democrats to debate censuring Lieberman
• Chinese astronauts brace for historic space walk mission
• Kentucky man arrested for 1,000th time since 1992
• Poet’s grave reignites painful Spanish Civil War dispute

Stop the presses, the Democrats want to cut the size of government spending that isn’t military related!  And, I have to admit that I’m a little surprised the bit about Lieberman made the news.  If I can do my own analysis of this as I’m sure Yahoo! would have done had the Republicans acted similarly, the Democrats are not above punishing anyone who steps out of line.  This is utterly appalling in light of the Democrats’ incessant approval of McCain stepping out of line with the Republican leadership. 

“Our point is not that Joe should in some way be prohibited from supporting McCain or speaking at the National Republican Convention. That’s not the issue,” Blondin said. “The issue is, he’s a Democrat. And Joe, in our opinion, needs to reconsider membership in our party.”

The resolution says Lieberman’s actions exhibited “extraordinary disloyalty to countless Connecticut Democrats without whom his career as an elected official would never have been possible.”

This absolutely goes to show that despite their pleas for bipartisanship, the Democrats are the first to wield the big stick against the rank and file to maintain the established order. 

In other news, what is Yahoo! doing printing the analysis piece speculating on the Bush legacy in the form of a headline especially at this time?  And, there are still no headlines regarding the proximity of this crisis to the Obama or Clinton camps.  Don’t you think that if any major Republicans were involved the Democratic congress would have them tared and feathered by now?  Hmm, I could be hypercritical or the causes of this crisis might ly left of center.

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