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Factor Farms (AP)

One farm yields more pollution than one city

Tell me now, does this stretch the definition of ‘pollution’?  This is just another illustration of the absurdity of the wacko environmentalist.  Their own language is susceptible to the games they inflict upon everyone else’s language.  Can there be a better means to an end than a cow pie?  While environmentalists everywhere extol the benevolence of nature, cow pies are stacking up.  Here, while one cow pie might not pollute much, 100,000 of them will.  So, now do we ban cow pies?  After all, they are part of nature.  1.6 million tons of manure per year from one farm…this might even stretch the definition of ‘sick.’  Everyone needs to drop what they are doing and read The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Yet, the article just had to digress.

“In May, the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production concluded a two-year study that detailed how cheap feed had led Americans to eat more meat than any other nation on Earth. It urged new regulations to rein in the growth of factory farms, lest they sap fresh water, pollute the environment, or continue contributing to global warming (livestock is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions).”

As you can see, unfortunately this article went where all articles like this seem to go…blame Americans.  We rich Americans with our cheap feed are the source of so much pain.  If only we couldn’t afford to eat so much meat the world would be safe.  At least there would be millions of tons less manure which is nothing to hold your nose over.


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