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Is Yahoo! seriously asking the question, in this so objective headline, “Who is running Alaska while Palin hits the campaign trail”?  Who is running Obama’s senate seat while he has been away is a far older question that still hasn’t been asked by his friends in the media?  Oh, yes, it really makes no difference as he just votes party line or “present” anyway. 

This article is shameless Obamaneering.  It insinuates that the McCain camp is somehow doing something wrong or just plain taken over the state of Alaska.  Really it shows the mentality of the left that “norm citizens” can’t go about their daily lives without the governemnt “being run.”  The author, Matt Volz, beats the drum of “Troopergate” ever more on merely the rumor that someone might have been fired for something the didn’t do.  And, Yahoo! gives him a platform.  I’m curious as to why we have heard nothing of the record of this mysterious trooper.  Is it possible that he deserved firing.  Questions like this will never be addressed by the mainstream media.

• Obama, McCain to attend bailout talks; debate still pending
• Asian, European nations ban or recall Chinese dairy products
• New home sales plunge; prices fall by record amount
• Who runs Alaska as Palin hits the campaign trail?

• Ike cripples Gulf seafood industry; may take years to recover
• How people decorate their office may reveal political preference
• Kentucky man sets new criminal milestone: his 1,000th arrest

• Has debating the debate become latest campaign strategy?
• NATO: Pakistan troops fired at U.S. copters on border patrol
• New home sales plunge; prices fall by record amount
• Who runs Alaska as Palin hits the campaign trail?

• Northwest shareholders approve combo plan with Delta
• How people decorate their offices may reveal political preference
• 175-pound pig traps Australian woman in her own house
Notice the first headline.  The press is chosing to analyse a move by McCain.  Calling into question his motives like this insinuates that there might be political posturing invoved.  Who’s bringing politics into politics.  The news media, of course.  And don’t forget.  We’re so luck to have Obama who has never had a moment of prevarication in his life.

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