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What a sad day.  Our government once again plays the heavy giving away assets to the friends of the people that run our government.

A customer using an ATM machine at a Washington Mutual bank in La Canada, California (AFP)

Largest U.S. bank failure ever

The government seizes Washington Mutual, then sells its banking assets to JPMorgan Chase. » Effect

• Barney Frank: GOP must drop the ‘revolt’ over bailout
• Poll: Undecided voters more pessimistic about direction of U.S.
• Palin to give donations from tainted politicians to charity

• Pakistan warns U.S. troops after exchange of fire along border
• Economy’s spring rebound slower than the government expected
• Optical illusion may help stroke victims recover, researcher says
• New DNA technology gives glimpse into dogs’ personalities

There are two great partisan headlines here.  Has everyone heard Barney Frank speak?  I have no idea how this guy got elected.  He chairs the House Financial Services Committee.  A few posts back I posted a link that reprints a New York Times article with comments from Frank on the absurdity of impending doom regarding the housing situation in the US.  He even chides Republicans for their concern.  Now, he is going to accuse the Republicans of ‘revolting’?  And, Yahoo! and AP writer Charles Babington give him front page real estate.  They could just as easily printed Republican objections.

Next is the Palin headline.  Is this a backhanded compliment?  The headline itself seems to implicate Palin with malfeasance.  Or does it just purport to bring Palin down to the level of Hillary, Bill and Obama?  What is most interesting to me about this is the level of taint.  Hillary, Bill and Obama get massive influxes of cash from the shadiest of the shadiest and the press reluctantly reports on it.  Even when Hillary does give back some funds, and reluctantly at that.  It may or may not be a headline as the mainstream media doesn’t even want to link her to anything questionable when she does the right thing.  You just don’t see analysis in articles about Bill, Hillary or Obama like in this article about Palin by AP reporters Steve Quinn and Justin Pritchard.  “The fact that Palin had kept Cowdery’s donation was notable, given that on July 10, the day after he was indicted, the governor issued a statement asking him to ‘step down, for the good of the state.'”  If you did, you’d see implication drawn about Obama’s ties to Rev. Wright, Tony Rezco and Bill and Hillary to all their Chinese donors going back to Bill’s early days in the White House.


• McCain agrees to debate even without bailout consensus
• Rep. Barney Frank predicts bailout agreement by Sunday
• Subpoenaed Palin aides fail to appear at abuse hearing
• Many Americans have faith in government’s bailout plans
• Indiana school bus collides with two dump trucks, four killed
• Scientists enlist help from volunteers to monitor for quakes
• Kanye West won’t face felony charges for scuffle at airport


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