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This stuff is funny, albeit distinct from how they treat Obama.  http://blog.indecision2008.com/2008/09/25/the-colbert-report-john-mccain-suspends-his-campaign-so-he-can-fix-the-economy/

I don’t expect that the mainsteam media will be taking credit for this anytime soon.  They should.  The question needs to be asked if WaMu would have gone down without the media coverage they got during this banking travesty.  Yes, folks, it is a travesty turned into a crisis by not only the media but the government.  While most home owners keep paying their mortgages, wall street tycoons keep are coming to the trough of mother government for either handouts a la J. P. Morgan Chase and B of A or bailouts a la the rest of the extant banking titans.  I read one report that said WaMu lost roughly17 billion in deposits since mid September.  MID SEPTEMBER.  IT IS SEPTEMBER 25TH!  Could any of this have to do with the media?

Then there is the obligatory Palin dig at Yahoo!  “In interview, Palin defends Alaska-Russia remark

A man leaves a branch of Washington Mutual in the financial district of New York September 19, 2008. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Largest bank failure ever

Washington Mutual is closed by the government, then sold to JPMorgan Chase. » Effect on customers

• Bailout deal breaks down; Paulson heads back to Capitol
• Pakistan leader

• FBI: Evangelist condemns U.S. raids across Afghan border
Storms kill 5 and flood thousands of homes in southeast Mexico
In interview, Palin defends Alasks-Russia remark

Tony Alamo arrested in child sex investigation
• HSBC Holdings to cut 1,100 global banking and market jobs
• Space exploration is key to mankind’s survival, NASA chief says

“Palin, the 44-year-old Alaska governor, has never visited Russia and had never traveled outside North America until last year. She also had never met a foreign leader until her trip this week to New York. In the interview, she did not offer any examples of being involved in any negotiations with Russia.”  As written by Amy Westfeldt of the AP.  Did Amy inquire as to the number of foreign leaders Obama, or Biden for that matter, had met before his campaign?  Nah, that is inconsequential apparently.  The article ends kind of strange with comments on Palin’s parents working at ground zero and rat and human remains.  Alright.

Come on, is this your world?


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