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Paul Newman dies at 83

The legendary actor has passed away after a battle with cancer, his publicist says.

Paul Newman (AP)

• Furious spinning on TV after presidential debate
• Significant progress made on bailout, Senate leader says
• Iraq official hopes economic crisis won’t affect U.S. troops
• Car bomb kills 17 in Syrian capital, local television reports
• Four special-needs students die in Indiana school bus crash
• Chinese astronaut completes China’s first-ever spacewalk
• Man accused of posing as Los Angeles Dodger on field

In short, the headline about progres on the bailout would have been spun differently had the Senate leader been a Republican.   Charles Babington gives voice to the Democrat leader while this easily could have headlined Republican opposition or even desention within the Democrat ranks.  But, nope, Babington continues to act as mouthpiece for the left wing establishment.

Well, David Bauder takes the time to dis Palin along the way while writing his post-debate article, “Furious spinning on TV after presidential debate.” 

“Obama’s campaign put forward vice presidential candidate Joe Biden for post-debate interviews, and he appeared on all the news networks. His Republican counterpart, Sarah Palin, was nowhere in sight.

Several commentators noted how Obama said at a number of points that McCain was right about something, which could either be construed as a sign of weakness or one in which he was willing to lead in a bipartisan manner. McCain pounded home the point that there were several things his opponent didn’t understand about the world.

“McCain very often seemed like he was condescending, seeming like he was lecturing Barack Obama,” CNN’s Gloria Borger said.”

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