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A Wachovia Bank sign is seen inside an ATM booth  (AP)

Citigroup to buy Wachovia

In the latest chapter of the financial crisis, Citigroup will buy the banking operations of Wachovia. » Effect

• Bush says bailout is necessary to keep crisis from spreading
• Car bomb attack on army bus kills at least five in Lebanon
• Polls show Obama inching ahead in tight race

• Kidnapped European tourists freed, according to reports
• Sen. Stevens: Government withheld key evidence in trial
• Seven-hour operation saves whale tangled in nets off Australia
• Spears and Winehouse lead MTV Europe Awards nominations

• Alaska Natives question Palin’s declarations of support

What is happening now in the banking industry is something that I’ve wondered about since high school where I learned the term ‘oligarchy.’  It was obvious to all of us in the class that the top of the elite class desired this above all else.  Just how to get there with our Constitution in the way has been a problem for them.  The problem has evidently been solved.

Once again, we have news about Obama ahead in the polls.  Is this the real picture?  We had news yesterday about Palin getting special zoning permits and I think free gift fish.  Please, can anyone tell me of a mayor or governor who hasn’t gotten special privileges such as these?  I don’t know how this works, specifically, but is Schwarzenegger not free to accept a free meal or pair of shoes for that matter?  I’m not saying it is totally right, but isn’t some of this life?  Way to go AP and your host of 30 Obama attorneys up there in Alaska.

And, we still don’t have news from Yahoo! about Obama’s ties to Fannie Mae such as Jim Johnson which just goes to show you where their commitments ly.  More to the point of the previous paragraph, what Obama received from Tony Rezco is without a doubt political graft. 

 And we also have this from the Yahoo! political page:

What Michelle Obama Would Bring to the White House  What Michelle Obama Would Bring to the White House Time.com

And this:

Palin’s Power Faltering? ABC News

All this with relatively nothing pro-McCain or even nice to Palin.  Just another Obama pep rally, apparently.









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I don’t watch SNL anymore, but I’m left wondering if there are any skits poking fun at Obama in the same way they poke fun at Palin. 

An article about the bailout off of Yahoo! from AP:



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