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President George W. Bush speaks about the economic rescue plan at the White House in Washington September 30, 2008. (Reuters)

President pushes for bailout

Failure to move now will inflict “painful and lasting damage” to the economy, he warns. » Candidates weigh in

• Stocks remain higher on improved consumer confidence report
• Home prices tumble by sharpest annual rate ever in July
• McCain focuses on Iowa in spite of polls
• Italy arrests scores of suspected mobsters in series of raids
• Cost overruns and delays plague World Trade Center construction
• Scientists find chemical ‘equator’ separating the hemispheres
• CDC recommends flu shots for 9 out of 10 Americans

 You know what is missing from all this commentary and reporting on the bailout is just how all this mess happened in the first place.  Pelosi, Reed and Frank blame corporate greed.  Sure, that was there, but just what encouraged bankers to lend money that they obviously were not going to get back?  That is a fundamental question in my book.




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Watch the Palin/McCain clip.  It is interesting for a number of reasons.  First of all, a high level reporter would never dare cross examine Obama Most Merciful like this.  Secondly, McCain keeps getting this wrong.  It is not so much ‘gottcha’ journalism as fundamental unfairness on the part of the mainstream media.  He should have responded with questions of just why Obama, a Democrat, is openly willing to invade Pakistan.  This is the real news in this story not the fact that Palin might agree with Obama.  In fact, Obama agrees with Palin.  As a conservative, her stance is far more historically precedented from an ideological standpoint.  She has not been the one decrying military action and our military as Obama is on the record as doing.


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