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A man is seen through a stack of U.S. 20 dollar bills in an undated file photo. (Reuters)


• 15 more Chinese dairy firms accused in tainted milk scandal
• Spanish police arrest 121 in massive crackdown on child porn
• Palin’s foreign negotiation experience limited to Canada

How much is $700 billion?

Comparing the vast sum to national debt, defense budget, and the net worth of the Forbes 400. » Read



• California bank robbed twice, by 2 different thieves, on same day
• Study: Vitamin C may blunt the effectiveness of chemotherapy
• China’s 2008 gold medalists were of age, gymnastics officials say
• Chicago couple turns home into 4,400-square-foot castle

The mainstream media continues to dig at Palin.  They must be really scared of her or have absolutely nothing else to report.  In all the headlines above Palin is the only politician mentioned.  At that, the headline questions her experience, so I’d say it is kind of on the negative side of things.  Would they have run something like this on Obama?  Nope, in fact, before the McCain campaign compared Obama to Brittney Spears, he got glowing press on the front page of Yahoo! practically every day. 

What else…if you go to link about the Senate voting on the bailout, you will find an article that tells you that apparently this “crisis” bill that the Dems have put on hold for I don’t know how long now, contains tax breaks.  I’m really starting to get disappointed with news articles that tell me something like that and then go on to, um, not explain what they are.  I’m still baffled.  Then the authors claim that the rejection of the bill is a stinging setback to the leadership of both parties.  Really?

The House vote was a stinging setback to leaders of both parties. The administration’s proposal, still the heart of the legislation under consideration, would allow the government to buy bad mortgages and other deficient assets held by troubled financial institutions. If successful, advocates of the plan believe, that would help lift a major weight off the already sputtering national economy.

When the Dems lose face, the media covers by equating responsibility saying that both parties got their hands slapped when in reality, Bush and the Democrats stand rebuked.  Intriguing.

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