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I have to run for now.  One of the first things that caught my eye this morning, though, is the word ‘folksy’.  I suppose it is sort of innocuous.  Or is it?  I’d have to say here that the libs wouldn’t want Obama painted in that light so my conclusion is that it is another act of condescension by the mainstream media.  And, after the debate, I saw two pundits from UC Berkeley, both women, asked if there was sexism involved in the debate or larger election.  They, of course, said, “No.”  Is this ‘folksy’ a bit sexist as it is launched at Palin?  The media is trying to paint her as the shy, small town naive girl.  Palin embraces the ‘small town’ part, but the rest is pure mainstream media. 

Look at Biden’s left hand in this picture.  He is even assuming a position of power in the handshake instead of just extending his right hand.  If I’m not mistaken, Obama pulled the same move on McCain.  Childish to point this out, perhaps. 


Joe Biden and Sarah Palin shake hands (Reuters)



Fact-checking the debate

Both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden made claims that distorted the truth. » Read

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