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Ticker: Palin says Obama pals with ‘terrorists’

The journalistic malpractice in this article is almost too much to point out, but finally, this gets some media space.  Unfortunately, Palin has to do the mainstream media’s work for them.  Notice in this headline that the idea is linked explicitly to Palin so as to absolve the CNN from any culpability in printing such an assertion.  This is not an unusual way for the media to present something, yet why is Palin the one who has to announce this?  I’d think that if such a statement is true, the American public would want to know.  And if so, shouldn’t the media be doing some research into the matter?  After all, the Obama camp and their willing accomplices in the media have dumped teams of attorneys in both Alaska and Arizona digging for dirt on Obama’s opponents.  This, while information on Obama and his associates is right out there in the open.  The media wouldn’t have to do much work to digest it ironically.  Also notice how the word ‘terrorist’ is in quotes implying that Obama’s friends somehow are not real terrorists. 

CNN associate producer Martina Steward chose to begin the article by saying the McCain camp is stepping up their attacks on Obama.  Oh, I forgot for a moment that we are in an election race here.  Is this really even an attack?  He does associate with known, unrepentant terrorists.  The news media should have been reporting this from the beginning.  I find it disingenuous for the media to equate honest information with ad homonym or hyperbole.  For example, Hillary Clinton cried foul when she was called on the carpet for supporting the practice of giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.  I’m sorry, Hillary, but this is not a personal attack.  It is simply calling into question your judgement backed up by your own history.  Linking Obama to known terrorists is not an attack as much as it is stating the truth as well as bringing to light acquaintances which he openly acknowledges.  It shouldn’t have taken Palin to have brought this to the attention of the electorate.  This is a sad day when the media cannot take responsibility for what they print.

The article itself begins this way

The McCain campaign is delivering on its announcement to step up attacks on Sen. Barack Obama with little more than a month until Election Day.

Referring to Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin accused Obama of associating “with terrorists who targeted their own country.”

In the article, Steward shamelessly defends Obama and his associations by downplaying this “closeness” to the terroist, and not even questioning the Obama camp’s statements on the matter.  Steward also ignored Ayers’ own statements of wishing he had done more violence back in the 60’s.  In the article she mentions that Obama was a young boy at the time of Ayers’ attacks.  I’m sorry, but because I wasn’t even born then, would my associations with Nazis be justified?  She also takes the time to tell the public that this is a tactic used by Palin to divert attention away from other matters. 

The real news here is not the Palin said any of this, it is that Obama does this.  The real news is also just how few people probably know anything about William Ayers since the mainstream media has been as quiet as a church mouse on the subject.  Interestingly, the article also has a picture of Obama not of Palin.  Hmm.



  1. Kate
    October 5, 2008

    Obama and Ayers may not play pick up basketball together, but the fact that Ayers held a campaign event for Obama in ’95 indicates a closeness in some respect… dare I hope that it isn’t ideologically.

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