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I want to write more about this, but for now, just look at the headline about Afghanistan and the one about Obama and McCain.  Here we have more “news” questioning Bush and we have the media reporting something Obama is trying to do which goes back to the 80’s.  Didn’t we just see Yahoo! and AP defending Obama’s link to Ayers as too long ago to matter?  Now we have Yahoo! and the Politico getting Obama’s message out.  And, if there really is a tie, why isn’t the media reporting it?  In my opinion it has something to do with the same reason why they are not reporting Obama’s ties to Ayers or the housing crisis for that matter.  The mainstream media won’t say a thing about Obama or the Democrat’s ties to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, yet they will report that Obama is trying to tie McCain to the Keating 5.  How can this not be interpreted as a ploy.  The media never seemed to care that Clinton was in this one over his head.  The only thing that disappoints me more is that McCain and Palin don’t realize that the media and Obama are out to destroy them.  This being the case, McCain and Palin seem content to not sound this drum as well.  Sad thing is that if McCain and Palin would actually say something about all this, the media might just report it.  How lucky we are for such leadership. 

• Asian stocks tumble as crisis intensifies
• China detains six more in contaminated milk case
• Many Afghans disillusioned seven years after US-led invasion
• Obama to link McCain to ‘Keating Five’ savings-and-loan scandal
• Court tilts battle for troubled Wachovia toward Wells Fargo
• Modern culture is destroying faith, Pope Benedict warns
• Record-setting 1,536-pound pumpkin wins California contest


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