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This morning’s Yahoo! frontpage is basically a hale to the almighty FED and a few not so subtle pro-Obama headlines.  What I mean by the last part of that is that we have been treated now for numerous days with headlines about a finance scandal from the late 80’s as the press desperately tries to find something to tarnish McCain with.  At the same time we are getting nothing about any of the shady past of the man child himself Obama.  Not that McCain’s past doesn’t matter, but when it is the only thing the press is focusing on about either candidate when there is so much material the public needs to hear.  Then, there is the headline of the American author being detained in Kenya.  This is definitely very newsworthy.  I’m still thinking about this one.  My initial reaction from the headline and article is that the press just reported the facts along with the fact that Obama is very popular in Kenya and some Obama history.  I’m tempted to thing that if this were ideologically reversed, the press would have told us all about the contents of the book giving the author a platform for his thought.  Instead, the article denounces the book as false.  I could be wrong. 

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. (AFP)  

Fed makes bold market move

The Federal Reserve will buy massive amounts of short-term debts to break through a credit clog. » Story

• Wall Street starts to bounce back after Fed unveils plan
• Tonight’s town hall debate is McCain’s favorite style
• McCain forced to revisit role in Keating Five scandal

• Russia’s landmark claim in Jerusalem worries Israelis
• Judge: Calif. must pay $8 billion for inmate medical facilities
• American author of anti-Obama book detained in Kenya
• Man reads all 59 million words in Oxford English Dictionary

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