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I truly can’t believe the press is making a big deal about this, and notice the lack of any Obama/ACORN headline.  We all know the press’ overwhelming approval of Hillary being involved with Bill’s administration so much so that she was given closed door meetings to address health care.  This issue goes back at least to Reagan and Bush Sr.  The press routinely questioned how much their wives were involved.  Such hypocrites.  And this is our media.  And this is what supposedly has bearing on our world this morning. 

What is more interesting about this Todd Palin headline is that if you go to the article on Yahoo!, there is a video about the boy who hacked into Sarah Palin’s email account being indicted.  Now, this isn’t front page news?

Alabama facing a $784 million shortage (Y! Finance)

States facing budget crisis

Thirty-one states are experiencing a dive in revenue and may be asking for help. » 10 worst-hit

The press gives us Todd Palin when we should be more worried what Algore is doing this morning to undermine our liberties.

• Report: Voter purges in six states may violate federal law
• NRA endorsing McCain despite differences

• Wall Street opens higher a day after heavy selling
• Two missing Americans arrested in Syria, officials say
• What role does Sarah Palin’s husband play in her administration?
• ‘HumanCar’ hits 60 mph on pure elbow grease, zero fossil fuel
• Man indicted in shooting death of Broncos Darrent Williams

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