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Thoughts like the ones conjured by the picture below make Obama and his wife’s attacks on America seem base and juvenile.  He will only wreck these places…or give them to his rich friends.

This is getting so maddening.  The press chooses to report on Todd Palin and question his role as adviser to his wife when they should be digging into ACORN and Obama’s connection to them.  Hmm, lets think, is voter fraud more important than if a husband advises his wife?  The media didn’t seem to balk at Hillary advising Bill.  Nor, shall I say would have a problem with Michelle Obama advising Barak.  They probably reported on Todd Palin because they have all their people up in Alaska trying to dig up dirt on Palin leaving none to do any real investigative journalism.

As far as the bailout goes.  In the top headline, we have what the government really wanted, and got in the form of a bailout.  The government wanted control of the mortgage business which they couldn’t have due to what once was the separation of the public and private.  We have seen this barrier eroded throughout the years.  This is yet another encroachment into our lives by the elite who inhabit both the top ranks of government and corporations.  Thanks guys.

Rockport, Maine, view from water (George & Monserrate Schwartz/Alamy)

Prettiest towns in America

From leafy New England splendor to stark Old West beauty, these towns boast unique charms. » See all

• Treasury considers ownership stakes in banks
• Petraeus says negotiations with Taliban may reduce violence
• Obama, McCain health care plans would reduce uninsured
• Court blocks release of 17 Chinese-born Muslims at Guantanamo
• Palin’s husband defends role as adviser; probe report due Friday
• Learn where to keep cash once taking it out of stocks
• New spy plane drone gets inspiration from ancient flying dinosaur


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