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After a few days off, I’m back with more in the string of what Yahoo! has to offer us in the news.  The headline with this picture is actually from the sports page.  Interesting that we had to rely on the sports page for important news such as this.  Political journalists didn’t want to cover this?  Hmm.  Again, the important question to ask is just how this would be covered if G.W. had done the same.  I have to admit that I’m curious as to what Obama will say during his time on the air.  Don’t you find it interesting that this is what we get about Obama the day after his speech at the Al Smith dinner in New York. 

The next piece of business in this headline about the polls.  How is this considered even remotely neutral?  The headline uses the word ‘souring’.  At least we don’t have anything on “Joe the plumer.”  We now know more about him than we do about William Ayers. 

Caption goes here. (Credit)  

Unusual World Series delay

The starting time for Game 6 of the World Series is pushed back for Barack Obama. » Why it’s happening

• Poll: Voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady
• Stocks turn higher as investors snap up bargains
• Supreme Court rejects GOP bid in Ohio voting dispute
• U.S.: North Korea steps up disablement of nuclear reactor
• Explosion at Georgia law firm injures at least four
• Greek scientists use lasers to clean pollution from Acropolis
• Tomb of general who inspired ‘Gladiator’ believed found


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