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The question still looms in my mind as to just why we haven’t been given many articles breaking down just how the banking crisis unfolded over the years and who were the major people involved.  Curious.  As far as Powell is concerned, very telling.  He has turned into a calculating political figure certainly sizing up the opportunity for a position in an Obama administration.  I also love how the mainstream media turned on him after the Iraq war ensued.  What do they think of him now?  And, just why isn’t the media in a rage over the money Obama has raised as referenced in the article about Obama and McCain?  They were fit to be tied at the money Republicans were able to raise in previous elections.  Once again, telling.

In this 1969 file photo released by James J. Kriegsmann, soul singer Dee Dee Warwick is seen. Warwick, who won recognition for both her solo work and her performances with her older sister Dionne Warwick, died Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008 at a nursing home in Essex County, according to a family spokesman. She was 63. (AP Photo/James J. Kriegsmann, File)Associated Press

Dee Dee Warwick dies at 63

The soul singer who was the sister of Dionne Warwick and cousin of Whitney Houston has died. » Story

• Bush, Bernanke say time is right for new stimulus package
• Paulson: Stock purchases should make money for taxpayers
• Obama deals double blow but McCain still confident

• U.N. agency: Global financial crisis will cost 20 million jobs
• Sen. Ted Stevens’ defense team rests in corruption trial
• Original sparks for life may have come from volcanic eruptions
• Iraqi puppy adopted by Minnesota soldier en route to U.S.


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