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Big food’s big secrets

Here are 10 things the food industry doesn’t want you to know — and they could be hurting your health. » Story

• Federal Reserve to buy commercial paper from mutual funds
• Poll: Obama opens 8-point lead among likely voters

• McCain says his campaign is focused on the economy
• Iraq Cabinet seeks unspecified changes to U.S. security pact
• Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian to divest stake in Ford
• New Yorkers split on Bloomberg’s possible third term as mayor
• Britain releases 1,500-page report on UFO sightings

Do you see any headlines questioning Obama?  Once again, “Nope.”  All we have is one announcing to the world that Obama is ahead in the polls.  Shameless electioneering.  We don’t see any headlines questioning Powell’s choice to back Obama, we see nothing about Ayers, nothing about Jim Johnson, nothing about Franklin Raines, and still nothing tying the housing scandal to the people who caused it.  It is as if the election were already over accordingto the mainstream media.  Nor is there any real questioning of the Fed’s buying of commercial paper.  The left couldn’t be more ecstatic.

In other news, the lead article regarding food is interesting, and probably something that actually should be addressed at a congressional level since they were they ones that encouraged this mess in the first place.

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