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Same-sex couple Ira Stier (L) and Waldo Gibson (R) exchange vows during their wedding ceremony October 15, 2008 at City Hall in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)  

Battle over gay marriage

California’s initiative to ban gay marriage sparks a tense tug of war. » Costliest social campaign in history

Wilfore says she’s prepared to take the long view in California. “I am not going to be discouraged if we lose,” she says. Victory will come over time in the courts, as demographics works its influence on the nation’s voting patterns, she says, noting that young people support gay marriage far more than their parents and grandparents do. “A lot of people are going to have to die” before Election Day is an easy day for gay marriage, she says.

I just don’t get why the mainstream media isn’t addressing the real issue which is why the left has gone to the courts for their victories. The above quote is telling as well as contradictory.  Wilfore speaks of victories in the courts and changes in voting patterns.  Only one is appropriate in the good ol’ USA on this issue.  They have gone to the courts because they couldn’t win in the legislatures. Yep, that is the sole reason, and I don’t believe for a second that it hasn’t been a concerted effort. Beyond what one thinks of marriage, law is law and should be written by the representative, democratically elected governing body. If gays would do this, the conversation would be different. Opponents of Proposition 8 are trying to make people feel guilty about gays being treated differently under the law. In reality, the act of members of the same sex being joined in marriage by the state is what is being denied. This situation could be changed properly by legislative action. Instead the libs head to the courts for a tyrannical ruling by a few members of the judiciary over a majority of voters/responsible adults. Now who is for democracy? Not the left. They never have been unless they get everything they want. Go journalists for bringing all this up. Oh, they didn’t. Sorry.


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