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Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., speaks at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008. (AP)

Appearance a ‘big mistake’

Rep. Bachmann regrets using the term “anti-American” while discussing Obama’s views on “Hardball.” » Story

• Wall Street tumbles as investors watch poor earnings reports
• World leaders to meet in Washington about financial crisis
• Analysis: As clock ticks, hope dims for McCain savior
• Russia modernizing missiles in response to U.S. defense sites
• Mortgage applications in U.S. sink to eight-year low
• Scientists believe they have erased specific memories in mice
• Woman with allergies asked to tear down sterile home

Why are Republicans always backing down when questioned?  If you are going to be in politics, you’re going to be questioned.  Obama is “anti-American” if that word is used in a traditional manner.  Why not use this opportunity to explain what she meant?  It isn’t lke there isn’t any footage of Obama speaking his ideas.  If Buchmann is worthy to hold office as a conservative, she should be able to articulate her points under fire as well as draw the distinctions that have made America the great nation that she is.  Specifically here, she should admit that no nation is perfect, and then lead her critics through not only how we as a nation have addressed and are addressing these issues, but are also focusing on our strengths inviting her opponents into the conversation.  Democrats don’t back down.  They refuse to leave office, and they fight back.   

The headline about McCain is another unconscionable pronouncement by the bias mainstream media under the guise of objectivity.  There are also three headlines about how poor the economy is doing.  Come on.  There must be other things to talk about.  Perhaps Ayers, the Democrats relationship to the mortgage debacle, or Obama’s shady associations or even just why he thinks he has a constitutional mandate to “spread the wealth.”  Once again, nothing. 

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