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Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) speaks during a Plenary Session at the 2008 Republican Governors Association Annual Conference in Miami November 13, 2008. (Reuters)

 Palin’s surprising media blitz

After few pre-election interviews, the would-be VP is suddenly talking up a storm. » Mixed messages on 2012

  • Media admits it reported Palin hoax
  • Palin jokes at governors meeting
  • I LOVE HOW THE MEDIA REALLY HAS NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT HER WHILE SHE HAS A VERY INSPIRING STORY. INSTEAD, THEY TALK OF A BITTER CAMPAIGN. WAS IT REALLY BITTER? TO THE MEDIA, ALL CAMPAIGNS ARE BITTER, YET WE LET THEM SHAPE OUR MOOD. SAD. “Addressing the Republican Governors Association meeting Thursday, this year’s GOP vice presidential nominee — and an oft-mentioned candidate for 2012 — revisited some aspects of the bitter campaign and talked about the role of the governors in the coming year. After losing the White House and several seats in the Senate and House, the party is engaging in some soul-searching about its direction.” AND FOR THAT MATTER, WOULD THEY EVER WRITE OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY “SOUL-SEARCHING”? THEN, OF COURSE, THERE IS THE WORD ‘SURPRISING’ IN ONE HEADLINE. REALLY? IS THAT UNBIASED?


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