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“Oil plummets on dire US jobs figures”  That is the headline for an AP story by George Jahn.  Yeah!  Hold on, I guess this isn’t a good thing. 

I don’t see too much neutral in that headline.  Did it really plummet?  Oil?  Plummet?  I know, he is talking about the price of oil.  “Oil prices plummeted Friday as the already battered market reacted to unexpectedly high U.S. unemployment figures — the latest dramatic evidence of recession in the world’s largest market for crude.”  In this quote he says that the price of oil plummets while not immediately linking this “plummeting” with any evidence to the fact.  He leaves you there for four more short paragraphs before mentioning that it fell just over $3 a barrel.  I suppose this is a plummet.  It is around 7%.  Yet, a plummet?  I repeat this just to see how it feels to repeat a thought over and over like the media has been doing non-stop, over and over.   There are two great things about this article.  The first is that the author mentions the price of oil plummeting as a bad thing.  He should be celebrating this once again.  Every drop should be accompanied by a little link playing euphoric cheers.  I just think that is appropriate since every rise in the price of oil was mentioned as evidence of a doomed economy and failed Bush policies.  Can this drop be interpreted as, um, not failed Bush policies?

The second great thing about this article is that the author links the drop in price of oil to the loss of jobs in the US.  I’m not saying that it is not linked, but that he could have linked it to how may more gallons you can put in your SUV for the same price.    Look at how this is presented, ” As companies cut down on their work force, the U.S. unemployment rate bolted from 6.5 percent in October to 6.7 percent last month, a 15-year high.”  He sayes that the unemployment rate “bolted.”  How much did it move?  It moved .2%.  Yes, that is horrible, but is that a ‘bolt’?  I don’t know.  I’m just saying that this language is irresponsible when it is the tone of every article.  Yes, I know, like I can prove that.  Nice Napoleon reference.  Point taken. 


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