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how exactly is giving us lines about how obama’s possible failure to close gitmo in a manner consistent with US security giving republicans an opportunity to criticize him news?  i also like that just how obama was going to accomplish this wasn’t asked of him during the campaign.


“The undertaking is an ambitious one. Fraught with legal complexities, it gives Republicans ample opportunity to score political points if he doesn’t get it right. There’s also the liklihood of a run-in with his former rival, Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war who before running for president staked his career on overhauling the nation’s detainee policies.”  and, “The statement seemed aimed at putting Obama on notice that he must deal with Congress on the matter.”

poor barry, he will have to deal with congress.  he shouldn’t have to do such a thing.  the world is against him.  oh, wait, i thought it was for him.  ya, nice contradiction there media.  moving on, doesn’t this assume that you can get this one right?  i mean, when people want to destroy your nation and you have ethical standards like we do in the states there really isn’t any “getting it right”  in the sence of solving an equation or choosing the right multiple choice answer.  this shows us the media template that life really is a multiple choice test and that scoring political points is what life really is about.


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