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Daschle apologizes for failing to pay taxes

Daschle, what to say about this guy.  He milks the tax payer for all their worth for years, looses his reelection bid only to get a cush corporate job and now is back in the spotlight.  Why should this partisan hack get a free ride from the press?  Maybe that question answers itself.  Seriously, though, this really is a very benign piece of the type we should see from the AP on a regular basis except for the fact that we don’t.  In other words, the AP is so caught up in editorializing that when they don’t these days I’m curious.  So, now we have at least two Obama nominees who haven’t paid significant amounts of taxes while supporting higher taxes, and AP gives us this benign report.  So Daschle apologizes.  Really?  What did anyone expect?  Could less have possibly been reported in the article?  I’m tempted to ask if that is really news, but I won’t.  I also find it interesting that if Daschle’s income is public knowledge, it wasn’t brought up either.  In another classic move the author, Kevin Freking, quotes a fellow Democrat in defence of Daschle with no acknowledgment from the other side.  Nice one, AP!


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