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I love the rhetoric here in Time.  It is hard to get more partisan than Time is here.  At the bottom of the opening paragraph Time ascribes to Obama hard worktoward bipartisanship.  They just give it to him.  What was this hard work?  Whining?  That is all I saw.  What would such hard work look like?  This, for me, is the unasked question the American people should be asking.  What would a bipartisan effort look like?  In fact, Time says that the three Republican votes “come at a cost.”  Well, you wanted bipartisanship, if the Republicans have no input, then it is just Democrat nonsense getting the nod from Republicans.  We know that this is the Democrat definition of ‘bipartisan’, but I doubt that is the common vernacular definition.  Way to editorialize, Time.  In the next paragraph, Susan Collins speaks of her reasoning behind her support for the stimulus.  She talks as if the American people would be happy with any bill as long as it’s bipartisan.  How stupid is that?  Once again, the specifics of the bill are ignored.  Tax rebates to non-tax payers are still called tax cuts.  Talk of the benefits of tax cuts over government spending are non-existent.  Just how bad the Democrat version of the bill is is also not analyzed.  Basically, it comes down to Democrats advocating spending that is non-infrastructure and not going to be spend in the next two years.  Just how that matches their rhetoric I just can’t figure out.  Why the press isn’t criticizing them for it, well, I can figure out that one. 
Still, the best critique is just why Obama is whining for Republican support.  If the thing is that good, just pass it.  This bill will be better with the minimal Republican input.  Thanks for mentioning this Time.

Barely Bipartisan But a Senate Stimulus Deal is Done

“The U.S. Senate looks to be on track to pass a bill that sounds almost exactly like what President Barack Obama asked for last month. The measure – now heralded as $780 billion, down from $890 billion – will include about 40% in tax cuts and more than 80% of the spending will flood the faltering economy within the next 18 months. But with just three Republican votes, the bill falls well short of the bipartisan goal Obama worked hard to achieve.”

“Nevertheless, the deal has three G.O.P. votes in the Senate in its support – three more than the President got in the House. They come at a cost. Depending on what the final bill amounts to, the deal could cost more than $35 billion in cuts per Republican vote. And that’s after the Dems removed several provisions at the G.O.P. senators’ request – from family planning for low-income women to money to restore the National Mall. Senator Susan Collins, the lead Republican negotiator said that the miniscule support from her party proved how hard it will be for Obama to overcome deep political divisions. “It’s really unfortunate as I think the American people really want us to work together and really are sick and tired of all the partisanship,” she said.”


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