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President Barack Obama (AP/Eric Jamison)

Billboard of Obama, Hitler stirs outrage

Alright, how is this a headline after 8 solid years of the Left comparing Bush to Hitler, hanging Bush in effigy and even making a movie about killing him?  Oh, I should say that these things were only a bit surprising out of a group like the Leftists, the lack of outrage on the part of the mainstream media was what was really disconcerting. 

Still, the outrage seems feigned at best.  The Left loves communists and socialists.  They make these comparisons themselves from the front of their classrooms.

More newsworthy is the choice of person by the journalist who does like the sign.  It is one of the journalists own and used to poke fun at the tea party. 

One person who welcomed the billboard was Dean Genth, a Democratic activist from Mason City, a city of 30,000 people just south of the Minnesota border, who said he thinks the sign lays bare the views of tea party supporters.

“I welcome them to continue to spew that kind of stuff because I think it’s going to do a lot of good for the good Democrats around the state,” Genth said.


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