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Can an Illegal Live an Honest Life?

Discrepancies in illegal immigrant’s…

This article makes me ask myself questions about living an honest life.  It probably isn’t the case that this woman lies, cheats and steals on a daily basis, but she can never really be a part of honest society while her very existance here was illegal.  It is hard enough living an upright life as it is.  I feel bad for her, but there is no other way.  By not enforcing our imigration laws, we are putting illegals in this position by letting them stay here.  On the flip side, we could let them stay, but that would do an injustice to all us who are here legally.  I think our society is predicated upon truth and honesty.  We have mechanisms to weed out dishonesty, but only if it isn’t the norm.  This isn’t a statement about their intentions or if they are good or bad people.  This article is thought provoking regarding how we might take for granted how society can provide a forum for honesty and tranquility neither of which are fundamental states of nature.


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