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Warnings About Home Ownership. A Little too Late.

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Homeownership myths you should know

Unless there is something special about your home, you probably won’t get rich just by owning it. 5 hard truths

For all the talk about the superior insight and wisdom of journalists as they preach down to you from their cloisters telling you to trust them, well, I’ll stop there.  I’d say a certain amount of precience is insinuated even by what they chose for you to read as news.  Consider this.  This US News and World Report article hits the front page of Yahoo! News.  A few years back, the same media outlets were raking in the dough stoking the fires of the housing bubble.  Were were they then with this advice?  Wasn’t it still relevent?  Seemingly, they can have their cake and eat it too.  The article raises some fine points.  Interestingly, it encourages would be home owners to take responsibility for their financial well being.  Good point, Luke.


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