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Inflation? Deflation?

In light of the article from yesterday’s post, here is another.  I would say that, of course, those on the left are going to decry inflation.  After all, it is their policies that would cause this nightmare to fixed incomes.  It may well also be the result of their favorite pastime of government spending.  If they don’t have that, what do they have?  The other party that has a vested interest in denouncing the possibility of inflation is the titan of wall street like the guys who wrote these articles.  After all, they are the ones who got bailed out either directly or indirectly.  And, it was said bailout money being partially blamed for the anticipated inflation. 

So, which is it, inflation or deflation?  Both inflation and deflation sound painfull.  Are they?  Do we have a choice?  Is there a third option?  Would it be any better?  I tend to think the article below is more credible than the one from yesterday.  They both may come to the same conclution.  The one from yesterday may just be full of faulty suppositions.

Leading money manager: Deflation is coming


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