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We Don’t Have a Debt Problem?

Here we go again.  Yahoo! Finance published another story about us not having a debt problem.  So, were the Dems wrong during the 80’s and the past decade?  Maybe they are, this entire article is misinformation.

Dean Baker: U.S. doesn’t have a debt problem! Ask the market

Baker says that both co-chairs have expressed hostility toward Medicare and Social Security, two of the nation’s core social programs and demonstrated a loose grip on reality. Alan Simpson, the Republican co-chair and former Senator from Wyoming, said that he wanted to cut off Social Security payments to senior citizens who drive their Lexuses into their gated communities. Baker counters that while Simpson and his friends may be wealthy, most senior citizens are not, noting average person over 65 lives on less that $30,000 a year.   “It’s like appointing someone you knew had racist views to head a civil rights commission,” Baker says. “It’s not the sort of thing you’d like to see.”

Hmm, does it seem like Baker isn’t grasping what Simpson is saying?  I’m not necessarily for doing this, but Simpson is merely saying that there are a lot of seniors who may not need Social Security eg the ones driving their Lexi into their gated community.  It seems like Baker is being a bit daft or merely obsinate.  Either character trait is key to democrat political strategy when they find themselves on the defensive.


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